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Sales Promotion

The advantage of OEM is that you can easily produce private brands. The original label that pushed the customer's intention is one performance in sales promotion. It can be used in various sales promotion, sales strategy, and various ways as a tool to supple the enterprise's sensitivity and information supplely like water.


Welcome drink and amenity. How would you like to welcome with a nice bottle with a message as an emergence of hospitality attentiveness? In addition, unification of the amenity in the hotel group leads to brand improvement. The bottle opening rate of the guest staying at the hotel is very high, and the effect of appealing is high.


Novelties at open campuses and briefing sessions, in-campus sales. By attaching a label such as a QR code, it will be easier to guide you to the school HP and the questionnaire URL. In addition, by introducing it as one of the cheering items in games and tournaments inside and outside the campus, we will raise the cohesiveness and boost it.


At seminars, lectures, conferences. Also as a novelty or sponsorship item for internal and external events. The distance to the target person is close, the appeal effect as visual sense can be expected, and the cost effectiveness of advertisement publicity is outstanding compared with the past. As a differentiation from other competitors, how about as a new advertising method?


Fitness: After exercise, good quality hydration with original label.

Beauty salon

Beauty salon: We effectively provide customers with highly cosmetic silica ingredients.

Sports Competition

Sports Competition: Distribution to visitors and participants by marathon contest, golf competition, fighting match game.


Festival: Music festival in summer where hydration is indispensable, at outdoor concert and national food festival.

Exhibition events: Print on pamphlets and water labels that always hold the contents of leaflets.


Food & Beverage: To the upscale feeling with the original chaser bottle.
We also have hot sparkling water.

Sponsored Items

Sponsored Items: As cost-effective advertisement • promotional items.

Donated items

Donated items: As "Charity item" water "everyone drinks". With the support message.

Commercial facilities

Commercial facilities: Utilization as an event notice board such as amusement parks and spa resorts as well.

Character shop

Character shop: As one of the original items. Limited design labels for each season as well.


Body-shaped PET bottle

Body-shaped PET bottle

We will recommend it for people related to apparel. How about distributing label bottles that print signs designs and new work clothes at various PR times such as collection show, store renewal open, summer limited sale, event visitor novelty and so on. Customers who participate in the event carry their bottles and carry around the streets, they can expect a derivative advertisement by themselves.

Spherical plastic bottle

Spherical plastic bottle

To companies that want to give a stylish company image, sticking. It is popular in branding companies and advertising companies' internal and external events. Because there is not much content, it is often adopted at conferences. In addition, you can design a design that makes use of spheres, design that can be seen underwater from the other side.

Sparkling watrer bottle

Sparkling watrer bottle

Sparkling water is limited to this bottle container. How about an original bottle at a restaurant or retail trade? Drinking sparkling water from the beauty and health side is increasing, so the demand is increasing year by year.

"Water" is anything you like, everyone drinks every day, everywhere, every day. Every company is advertised, but customers actually hold the bottle in hand, twist the cap, drink water and see the label. The water bottle has a sense of affinity over CM, SNS, paper medium, and it can be said that its appeal and cost effectiveness is high. Not only do you know your brand, but also help your customers get healthier, they are all connected with "water" and will form a happy.