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First factory: HABAREY

Habarey, Usa city, Oita prefecture. The altitude of the steep rocky mountain where the Kuju mountain range continues, a town in the sky that is standing in the mountains. Dropping rain drops and snow slowly rush the forest of Kuju mountain range and slowly into the rock of the volcanic layer, and over the years a water containing abundant mineral ingredients is born. It is natural mineral water pumped up by the water source near the summit.

At this factory, we carry out thorough quality control such as bottling from sampling, in order to deliver the grace of nature as safe and secure. At the same time, we regularly perform water quality tests such as component analysis. In addition, water specialists also conduct rigorous checks such as taste, smell and texture. It corresponds to filling PET bottles of various shapes, production of small lot number will be here factory. It is an advantage that we can respond flexibly.

We adopt non-heat treatment that can deliver the original taste of water. It is also a testimony that the quality of raw water is quite high, it is a mellow water of taste that cleared high safety standards, that non-heating treatment can be performed. In addition, we have the same alkalinity in ph 7.4 as in the human body naturally penetrates into cells, the body feels tasty.

Second factory: KUSU

Kusu-machi, Oita Prefecture, which flows along the stream of Kuju volcano like the 1st factory, is a place blessed with water from the past. Waterfalls and springs can be found everywhere in the vicinity such as the waterfall of Ryumon, the crescent moon falling in fairy tales, the Shimizu Falls which is said to be blessings of blessings.

Even at the 2nd factory, quality control is consistent since it is completed at the same factory from sampling, filling, labeling, last distribution. It is possible to produce up to 6 million units per month by line production system. We also do double checking by visual inspection at all times, so we can mass-produce in a short period of time with safety.

It is the world's highest level of silica content. It contains a lot of mineral ingredient "silica" essential for maintaining beauty and health, but it is easy to drink with soft water, there is roundness in taste. In addition, sparkling water is produced at this factory, it is refreshing with strong sparkling water, which has large carbonic bubbles and is difficult to escape.

We appreciate the environment such as mountains, forests and others that nurture water, and we will protect our hometowns with great care.

Business license & Water quality test inspection resultd

Business license & Water quality test inspection resultd