Aquatec Habarey Co.,Ltd


8 Advantags

We are not only a manufacturer of mineral water, but our company is responsible for consistently planning proposals, sales and contracts. We will introduce eight advantages as differentiation by other companies.。

Accept orders for small lot
to large quantity lot

We will produce 100 small lots according to your request.
Also, it is possible to produce tens of thousands to several million lines in a wide range, so please feel free to consult us. In addition, it is also possible to prepare a large number of lot quantities in a short period of time by adjusting the factory line, so please keep in mind the request as it is.

From our bottle filling to delivery, we will consistently carry it, so we will deliver fresh and safe products. Moreover, we can respond flexibly in various situations by being able to exchange directly with the factory.

In-house factory production

Separate delivery

Even if there are multiple delivery destinations, it is also possible to deliver divided parts according to each location. In addition, we propose a delivery method and propose cost reduction of shipping fee, etc., when delivery destination stores are in the vicinity.
We will respond promptly to alliance shipping companies, so please contact us.

We will keep stock at our warehouse. We manage safely and safely in a hygienically controlled warehouse. Since it is unnecessary to store and manage inventory, it leads to cost reduction. In addition, we manage numbering so that we can respond to additional order as soon as possible. In addition, it will also be a unit cost reduction by mass order receipt.

No holding warehouse nor
inventory control required

The highest level of
silica content in Japan

A lot of minerals and silica (silicon) which are attracting attention now as being good for beauty and health are included.。
Since domestic silica is not collected only in certain areas of Kyushu, it is very valuable.
Click here for detailed information on silica

We have strong sparkling water containing silica.
Since it removes impurities to the limit and dissolves carbon dioxide gas, it is refreshing so that carbonic molcules hardly escapes, it is a strong sparkling water which is easy to drink.

Strong sparkling water
can also be selected

Original label planning / proposal

We will produce only one "ONLY ONE" original label in the world.
Since it is also possible to produce in combination with logos, marks, QR codes, messages, etc., please try to contact us. We will propose a satisfactory design.

Various bottles are available to make it possible to select the best bottle according to the purpose of the customer. Since the label width can be adjusted by bottle, please consult us. Please note that the number of lots and unit price will change according to the bottle container.

Bottle shape selectable