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Original Equipment Manufacturing

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturing. It refers to the manufacturer who produces or produces the product under the brand name of the entrusted enterprise, organization or store. When translating literally, it becomes "a company that manufactures its own products", and it is also understood as a manufacturer of a counterpart brand. As a major merit of the consignor side in OEM, it will lead to improvement of brand power. Especially in OEM of mineral water, the physical distance with the target person is close, so the effect of appealing is very high, and it is an immediate fight for improving the brand's name recognition. In addition, as an OEM's strength, it not only leads to cost reductions relating to the production and management of products, but also reduces the inventory risk as it can adjust the production volume according to the needs. We are challenging new market development with business development focusing on OEM mineral water.



We will design and produce with the customer's brand. It is roughly similar to OEM, but while OEM consigns manufacturing only, ODM leaves trustees even up to product planning. As shown in the figure, ODM is responsible for design, production, distribution and sales. Depending on client's request, we will expand ODM as well as OEM. We do not settle on mere mineral water makers, we are working on planning development progressively in "versatile" water. We will develop promotions using "water" approaching from all angles and directions, with experienced and excellent human resources.