Aquatec Habarey Co.,Ltd


Q.How long will it take for a completed product to be delivered?

It is within about 30 days after design entry, but it can be adjusted according to your request.

Q.Is it possible to deliver separately?

Yes, we will keep stock at our warehouse.

Q.How much is the price one piece?

Since it varies depending on the number of lots, PET bottle shape, delivery place, delivery conditions, etc., please consult us.

Q.Can you design a label?

Yes, we are dealing with exclusive designers.

Q.Is planning and planning of events using PB water also done?

Yes, please contact us.

Q. Is it possible to fill the contents of plastic bottles with water other than water?

We also have sparkling water. Other, flavor sparkling water etc. are also possible, so please do not hesitate to consult us.

Q.What is the payment method?

Production fee will be prepayment. Please note that production will start after payment is confirmed.

Q.Is it possible to order large quantities of lot in a short time?

It is necessary consultation according to the condition, but it is adjustable because it is own factory.

Q.Is it possible to print on the cap part of the bottle?

It is possible for some bottle shapes.

Q.Is it possible to fill with original PET bottle?

Please contact us.

Q.Is it possible to specify hours and days of the week when delivering products?


Q.Have you sold supplies as raw materials?

Since it is necessary consultation, please consult.

Q.About the plant business.

Since it becomes individual correspondence, please contact directly.

Q.Is it possible to attach an unopened seal?