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Remi Yano


"Water" is indispensable for human beings to live. However, did you know that water available to people on earth is less than 0.01% of the total water resources? Although water is universal and simple, "water" that people drink for the rest of their lives is becoming a very precious resource with the times. We will contribute to improving the health of the world through "water" and at the same time we would like to bring society a sense of energy and moisture.

MISSION To make people healthier

Approximately 70% of the body is "water", we discharge about 1.5 L each day and we are swapping the body's moisture. Various supplements and nutritional supplements are spreading due to health boom, but I believe that improving the circulation of body water, which is the base of the more basic body, and purifying it is the shortest way to improve health .

VALUE Always thinking and acting, thank you every day

Always hold doubts about what it is commonplace and think. And it is the action guideline to embody it with speed without being desk topic. For that purpose, we will constantly devote ourselves to self-help efforts and mutual development. In addition, because there is a natural water source, the business is established, and we will naturally continue to grow without forgetting to thank society for our customers and our employees.

VISION To a company trusted and loved

By continuing to provide delicious "water" that is safe and secure, we aim to be a company that is trustworthy and loved at the same time that is needed for society. In addition, we will continue to disseminate the wonderfulness and appeal of the earth to society as well as revitalizing the area.

WAY Coexisting and prospering with customers and partners

Our business is supported by suppliers, customers and society. We appreciate the bonds and bonds of people and people, thank them and aim for mutual prosperity by expanding through business. Moreover, we will return the profits to contribution to society as a whole.

Aquatec Habarey Co.,Ltd Corporate Mark

Corporate Mark

"Aquatech Habarey" has its all origin from the land "羽馬礼 (Habarey)" where is located on the top of the mountain as high up in the sky. We want to cherish and protect Habarey so that we decideded to use the meaning of a character, Habarey. "羽" means the feather, "馬" means the horse, which brought out Pegasus. Like Pegasus, we would like to be an elegant yet powerful, breathtaking society. The color, Water Blue represents a figure that grows flexibly like a water with the times.