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Enlightenment in the body

Approximately 70% of the person's weight is made of "water". While swirling and circulating about 1.5 L of water every day, we eliminate waste matter. By incorporating high-quality "water" containing a lot of minerals, we will prepare the intestinal environment in the most natural way and enhance self-cleaning action. It does not depend on external factors such as supplements and efforts to improve internal function become the shortest means to health and beauty. By approaching health from the moisture occupying the majority of the body, we would like many people to know the importance of "water" through all sorts of terms.

Protecting the natural environment • Tree planting activities

Our business has been established thanks to "water" which has soaked in the volcanic layer of the Kuju volcano and has come out over the years. Unlike tap water and purified water that can be mass-produced, short-term production is possible, natural mineral water is a very precious resource. Consumption and prices are actually rising worldwide with the times. In order to be able to provide delicious "water" till several hundred years ahead, the presence of the mountains is indispensable. Therefore, all employees are striving for local environmental conservation and afforestation activities.

Re-hiring older people

With the aging of the population progressing and retirement age increasing, we are working to respond to the revised elderly people 's stability law, as well as to utilize knowledge and experience cultivated by elderly people for many years and to succeed to the next generation, we actively incorporating the system to re-employ retirees. We will also energize the area by promoting job creation for elderly people in rural areas.